Broke Blue Brains

Gutter punks slough off sweat-soaked skin
Clogged arteries and drainage ditches
They run until they hit the wall
And legs fall apart like clockwork grasshoppers

Lock the door behind you
There's talents to waste
It smiles underneath tight-sewn lips
Broke blue brains is chaste

She's chewing her hair off
And picking at the scabs
All on strike for gas masks
In the silent, quicksilver mines

Something bad happened last night
Let's not say it's breathing or dead
I don't remember exactly
Just keep the bedsheets over its head

The sternum lock will hold
The calcium cage caught
Submerge my silent hands
In cold honey streams

The bundles rise and fall beneath us
While we make out on the bed
Don't hold your breath
Let those broke, blue brains out of your head